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748 2007-05-10 17:18:29 Jim Stafford Looking for information about "EZ 40 RCVR"
Folks, I received this from Hans, W2UF. It does sound sort of familiar
but can't put my finger on this jewel. Can someone help? Reply
directly to Hans -- hmentha<>nc.rr.com and drop me a copy if you wish.
Good afternoon, Jim (found your email on the website of qrparci.org
under receiver links)

This morning my dad (John - W2YBN) brought me a small 40 meter receiver
he built many years ago. We powered it up on a 9 volt battery and were
surprised to find that it still works.

Dad believes it is a regenerative circuit, but has long since lost the
schematic. We opened the box and it appears to have been built from a
kit, a single sided circuit board approx. 2.5"x2.5", but the board does
not have any visible markings. Tuning appears to be via a varactor as
the tuning component is a potentiometer.

The only serious clue is dad's handwritten note on the inside of the
project box: " EZ 40 RCVR".

Do you have any knowledge of who manufactured the "EZ 40" and where I
might obtain a schematic?