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7382 2012-03-30 17:28:42 Craig Smith FS: HP 1141A Differential Probe System
I have for sale a Hewlett Packard 1141A FET 200 MHz differential probe and 1142A probe
control and power module. I bought these used on an auction site 3 years ago when I
thought I would be needing a differential probe. The need never materialized,
so I'm selling them.

This probe system will work fine with any make of scope - not limited to HP or Agilent.
The probe can be configured for X1, X10, X100 attenuation and AC or DC coupling by means of the supplied adapters.
The probe allows for easy measurement of signals not referenced to DC return and provides minimal capacitive loading for HF signals.

I'd never used them in the past for actual measurements, but today checked them
out to make sure they were functional. The probe makes accurate readings on
both DC and AC signals. I did the Offset Null and DC Reject Gain adjustments
described in the setup section of the manual and they both went perfectly. All
the attenuator and AC coupling adapters check out just fine. So it seems that
this is a functional set of equipment.

Even so, I'm selling and pricing them "as is" for the following 3 reasons:

The end cap inserts on the 1142A Coarse and fine Variable offset pot knobs are
missing. The knobs are there and work fine but have a "hollow" look.

The plastic foam-lined box containing the probe and accessories is attached to
the top of the 1142A with a few pieces of double-sided foam tape. I'm sure it
could be removed, but I haven't done so. End result is that the 1142A isn't ideal cosmetically.

I did an inventory of the test probe accessories vs. items shipped when the
probe was new. Following items are not there, but can be easily home-brewed if desired:

Package of 2 inch extension leads
5 inch ground lead
Shielded signal lead
Flat-blade alignment tool (small screwdriver works fine)
Circuit connection posts

Remaining items are included (10X attenuator, 100X attenuator, AC coupling
adapter, 2 mini grabbers, Test board and power cord). I was able to test the
unit and make trial measurements with the accessories supplied.

In addition, there is a second foam-lined probe box containing 2 additional 10X
attenuators, one additional AC coupling adapter and one test board. So you will
receive spares of these three items. I've successfully tested all of the attenuators and

The original manual is not included, but I will include a printed copy of the
most relevant pages of the on-line manual. The complete 90 page pdf manual can
be downloaded from Agilent.

Price is $120 via PayPal plus UPS ground shipping. Shipping weight should be 8
pounds from 80503 zip. (Colorado)

If you have interest or questions, please contact me directly via Email:


thanks and 73

� Craig AC0DS

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