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728 2007-05-08 07:41:35 Giancarlo Improvement changes to Elecraft K2 and K1 transceivers
Hi all,

Elecraft has announced their new super transceiver, the K3. It sounds
like being a real super duper for HF enthusiasts and something that
may give some distance to JS Black boxes…. Although the price it does
not sound too cheap to me.
The K3 is no more a kit for the hungry homebrewers … maybe an open
box for screws drivers … hi
It is possible that many colleagues will put out for sale their K2
transceivers, maybe at interesting prices, to purchase the new K3
RTX. These K2 are already assembled and for those soldering iron
drivers there is not much work to be done to call themselves …
homebrewers. The K2 is a nice equipment but I believe there is still
space for improvements.
Following a comment I wrote in one message in the elecraft newsgroup
regarding possible mods to the K2, I received several requests asking
for information. This gave me the idea to publish my ideas and the
EMRFD newsgroup is certainly one of the most suitable for homebrewers
and fiddlers with commercial equipment.
I have uploaded a file: "I7SWX possible changes to K2 and K1 RTX".
The documentation reports suggested changes:
1) Front-end mixer replacement and roofing filter addition.
These mods have been implemented and tested by I0CG in his K2.
2) Demodulator replacement. This is a more complex change versus
the front-end one. It is suggested and not implemented … so
volunteers are welcomed to implement it and apply eventual project
In addition, but without any written instruction, a proposal for K1
changes is added. Like for the K2, the two changes are: 1) Front end
replacement, similar to the K2 mod, and 2) Demodulator replacement.
Due to the fact that in both stages the NE602 is used, these
replacements require additional stages. Improvement should be
Changes are still theoretical as none have been applied to a K1… here
there is more bread and butter for the homebrewers.
Comments and feedbacks are welcomed.