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7151 2012-01-04 21:44:32 Cliff McCreery Binaural Receivers
In EMRFD there is section 9.5 "Binaural Receivers" with figure 9.29.
That seems to be more of a proof concept rather than a finished
receiver ready to be repeatedly built in the wild.
The pairs of 3.9mH and 120mH TOKO inductors are of course
unavailable. I have some nice sized pot cores at 2.7mH wound with
about 140 turns of awg 18. It appears that 932 turns of something
would give 120mH. Interesting but not terribly attractive. Is there
another road to take? I apologize for repeating an issue that has
been covered I'm sure previously.
7152 2012-01-05 05:38:38 Leon Re: Binaural Receivers
7154 2012-01-05 06:59:58 William Carver Re: Binaural Receivers
> Some years ago I experimented with DSP audio processing to convert an
> ordinary mono signal into a binaural one, using an Analog Devices
> 16-bit DSP board. It seemed to work quite well.
> 73, Leon

And your esteemed homebrewer/author Peter Rhodes, G3XJP, has binaural
generation in the firmware of his homebrew "STAR" transceiver that was
featured in a series of construction articles in the monthly RSGB
magazine Radio Communications. Initially it used that same Analog
Devices board, although he later moved to a 16 bit CODEC.

Binaural works well for me. Although my ears work well with weak CW,
sometimes telling me what air-leak whistles in my home heater are
saying, they are poor on SSB. I can testify that binaural presentation
improves my ability to decode voices.

Bill W7AAZ

7155 2012-01-05 07:14:26 w1kilofoxtrot Re: Binaural Receivers
There are audio capable inductors available from Mouser. Search
7156 2012-01-05 07:15:20 John Levreault Re: Binaural Receivers
7157 2012-01-05 08:45:04 Derward Myrick Re: Binaural Receivers
Cliff, Let me check on my supply of TOKO and see
I might have them. I have over 20,000 ( various sizes )
new old stock that I am trying to catalogue my parts
now so I can start selling off the 1.5 to 2 million parts
I have.

Derward Myrick KD5WWI

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