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714 2007-05-04 15:32:21 Giancarlo PA3AKE H-MODE MIXER MEASUREMENT UPDATE
Hi all,

I like to inform you that Martein Bakker, PA3AKE, has updated his web
page reporting his measurement on the H-Mode Mixer. The update is
relative to measurement done on the I7SWX 2T H-Mode Mixer using the
FSA3157 and the original 2T version with Pericom PI5C3125 fast bus

A major comment reported by Martein on the 2T HMM version with
FSA3157 is:

"2 transformer version is an interesting branch in H-Mode mixer
development. Most impressive is the spur reduction possible with home
made transformers with this configuration in combination with the
FSA3157 switches."

PA3AKE web page is: http://www.xs4all.nl/~martein/pa3ake/hmode/

Below is reported the Contents list of all measurements done and
comments reported by Martein. I am sure all those that have visited
and will visit his page will find one of the most complete reports
done on the important H-Mode Mixer developed by Colin Horrabine,

73 and enjoy the reading


H-Mode mixer Overview

1. Introduction
2. IP3 measurement / limitations
o Signal Generators and Hybrid Combiner
o Post Mixer Roofing Filter
o Pre Mixer Band-pass Filters
o Mixer Transformers
3. Fairchild switches
o FSAV430
o FSAV450
o FSAV330
o FSAV332
o FST3125
o NC7SZ384
o FSA3157
o FSA3157 + 74AC04
4. Mini-Circuits transformers
o TT4-1A
o T4-1
o ADTT4-1
o T1-1T
o ADTT1-1
o ADTT1-6
o ADT1-6T
o TT1-6
o T1-6T
o ADT1-1WT
5. Homebrew transformers
o FT37-43 toriod
o BN43-2402 2-Transfomer H-Mode mixer
6. Mixer symmetry
7. Conclusion
8. Acknowledgments
9. Appendix
AD9951 DDS spurs on 15M
776 2007-05-20 13:44:15 Giancarlo PA3AKE H-MODE MIXER MEASUREMENT UPDATE
Hi All,

For those interested in building an FSA3157 H-Mode mixer, I like to
inform you that Martein, PA3AKE, has added a page to his web-site
with the schematic and PCB layout (Eagle format) for the G3SBI 3T H-
Mode Mixer using the FSA3157. See:
9 – Appendix
o FSA3157 mixer schematic and PCB layout
He has also added the I7SWX 2T H-Mode Mixer schematic to the 2T page.
5 - Homebrew transformers
o BN43-2402 2-Transfomer H-Mode mixer
These can be found here:

http://www.xs4all nl/~martein/ pa3ake/hmode/

Enjoy the visit and best 73