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6520 2011-07-31 08:45:21 Ron McCurdy FW: [emrfd] low output IRF510

Here are the instructions for a popular kit that uses two of the IRF510:

PA Idling Current Adjustment:

1. Connect an ammeter in series with the power lead that supplies 12 volts
to your


2. Disconnect the microphone, or short it's audio output so that no audio is
going to

the microphone amplifier.

3. Key the transmitter (use a dummy load please) and note the idling
current. Unkey

the transmitter.

4. Key the transmitter and slowly adjust R-91 until this current increases
by 50 ma.

Unkey your transmitter. Note the new idling current.

5. Key the transmitter and slowly adjust R-2 until the idling current
increases by

another 50 ma. Unkey the transmitter.

You might try that.