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6226 2011-04-28 10:43:08 Bill Kelsey Dayton Specials - books and kits from Kanga US
Once again I will have books from the ARRL, W0RSP, and Dick Tormet at
FDIM. I will not have them at the Hamvention - only at FDIM.

I will be having special pricing for any books pre-ordered by Wednesday
May 4. I will cover the tax and knock 10% off the list price of any
book ordered by then (that's about 17% off). Most of them I currently
have in stock, but if you want one I don't have I will be ordering from
ARRL Wednesday afternoon May 4th. So - check out the books the ARRL has
to offer ( http://www.arrl.org/arrl-store ) and let me know what you
want. No payment now unless you want to use PayPal or VISA/MC ahead of
time - just let me know what you want to pick up/pay for at FDIM and I
will have it there Friday evening at Vendor night. Don't lug heavy
books around the Hamvention floor all day - pick them up at the hotel in
the evening!

If you won't be at FDIM I will still knock 10% off the price and charge
$5 shipping for any size order to US addresses. Outside of the US
shipping will be at cost. Orders must be placed before I place my order
with ARRL to get the pricing.

At the Hamvention - booth 44 - (but not on display at FDIM - just too
much to lug back and forth!) I will have CW Touch Keyer products, the
PICEL III and the Si570 Project by AA0ZZ, DK9SQ products, the AADE LC
meter, KK7B products, an updated demo Spectrum Analyzer kit I will be
taking orders for (stop by and see it! Units ordered at the Hamvention
will be shipped for free and have no tax.), and the W7ZOI AD8307 Power
Meter. Anyone wanting to pick up any of those kits at FDIM rather than
at the Hamvention can pre-order them and I will cover the tax.

See you all at Dayton and FDIM!
73 - Bill - N8ET
6227 2011-04-28 12:19:17 Paul Re: Dayton Specials - books and kits from Kanga US
Hi Bill,

Are you taking regular (shipped) orders for the W7ZOI AD8307 Power Meter yet (still listed as a "no"
6280 2011-05-12 18:36:17 ve7wrs Dayton Specials - books and kits from Kanga US

I'd like to pre-order a MicroT2 kit.

I picked up a MicroR2 from you last year, and am looking forward to building the companion transmitter.

Unfortunately, I won't be attending Dayton this year but my good friend VA7OJ is prepared to stop by your booth and pick it up for me (if his hands aren't too full of stuff from the flea market!).

If you accept paypal I'll prepay for it.

Thanks for providing all these kits,