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6077 2011-04-08 07:32:20 patt896 Lodestone Formers Group Purchase
I am hosting another group purchase and will place an order with the
Lodestone Pacific California plant on 22 April.

Lodestone's manufacturing lead-time is now two weeks. MOQ is $50 USD for each part or $25 USD each for more than one part.

If you are interested, I'll accept requests for any quantity of the L45-2, L45-6 and L45-10 formers under the following terms:

Please send your requirements and your ship-to address via e-mail to
me no later than 20 April.

Price for each former is $2.25 USD (cost)
Payment is via PayPal, due only when formers have been received from
plant and packages weighed and priced for exact shipment amount.

Shipment will be via US Postal Service; shipment price for up to 33
formers/one pound package is:
- Priority Mail (US domestic, $5.20 USD)
- Global Priority Mail (Canada & Mexico, $11.95 USD)
- Global Priority Mail (most others $13.95 USD)
- USPS International First Class Package Rates:
- Actual cost for larger quantities or Global Express Mail as required

If you are participating in PA3AKE's new groupbuy as a "Backend Builder", please let me know if you wish to receive the L45-6 formers directly from Martein in order to save on postage.

PA3AKE's latest offering in receiver design and group purchase are at:


Richard Patten
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
6078 2011-04-09 12:56:06 ha5rxz Re: Lodestone Formers Group Purchase
Please could someone explain why Lodestone products are held in such high regard by the Amateur community? I've been using inductive products from Minicircuits and Coilcraft for a number of years and never had a problem. Coilcraft parts in particular are much easier to obtain.

Peter HA5RXZ

6085 2011-04-10 08:58:09 patt896 Re: Lodestone Formers Group Purchase
Yes. Unlike Amadon, Minicircuits and Coilcraft, Lodestone Formers have a thimble to assist in winding, and are true 10MM.


Richard Patten