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6000 2011-04-02 18:39:53 w1kilofoxtrot Ansoft HFSS experts here?
I've just discovered my company has a broad license allowing me to use this software. I've been able to use the antenna designer tool to get started, but there is clearly much more I can do with this tool.

I'm looking for a few breadcrumbs to start following the trail to be able to do some transverter designs on my own. Since I also have access to VNA and spectrum analysers, I thought I might broaden my horizons to 23cm and maybe 13cm.

Any recommendations for some documentation I should have on hand?

I'm also open to recommendations if this is not the right group to ask.

6007 2011-04-03 07:34:17 ka7exm Re: Ansoft HFSS experts here?
Ansoft has a one-day crash course on using HFSS. If your employer has a large license base, you should have access to these classes. (They are free and usually includes lunch). When you attend, they will give you a 500 page set of slides & examples to work with, which is very useful.

Setting up the ports is by-far the hardest part about running HFSS. This has gotten easier with the newer releases of the tool though (versi