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5880 2011-03-03 00:43:01 ha5rxz LA5523 Motor Driver IC
This is a long shot but I am hoping that someone here can help. I'm looking for a full datasheet on the LA5523 manufactured until last year by Sanyo. Information found so far is somewhat basic and doesn't even include a pinout.

Yes, I have tried Sanyo and Google.

Peter HA5RXZ
5881 2011-03-03 01:01:06 Kerry Re: LA5523 Motor Driver IC
My usual source is Datasheetarchive; it produced some useful information in a four-page data sheet including the pin-out;

5882 2011-03-04 10:29:52 longjohn119 Re: LA5523 Motor Driver IC
I've used some of those old Sanyo chips to make half speed cassette players (Guitarists used to use them to copy and learn fast lead solos) and that series are all basically the same with minor differences. Basically it's a variable pulse width modulator driving paralleled transistors. You can also make them with a 555 timer and a single power transistor for higher current applications, I have one
5883 2011-03-04 10:30:15 ha5rxz Re: LA5523 Motor Driver IC
Got it, thanks.

Peter HA5RXZ

5884 2011-03-04 11:05:08 longjohn119 Re: LA5523 Motor Driver IC
That IC works very much like this 555 based circuit. I believe the formula for oscillator frequency is even the same. Between this circuit description and the datasheet you should be able to get a good idea of what you need to know.