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5850 2011-02-17 20:06:05 Craig D. Smith Re: Grayhill clips
Several people on the list were helpful in my search for what turned out to
be a Grayhill clip for use in a component test fixture - Thank You! A
couple people requested a photo of the finished fixture. I have added it to
the photos section of this list today. Title is "Component Test Fixture
using Grayhill clip". Sorry about the poor photo quality, but should be
adequate to give you an idea of what it looks like.

A few words of description. I built it for use both with an AIM 4170
impedance analyzer and my benchtop Agilent DVM, both of which allow nulling
and calibrating out strays in a test fixture. DC and low frequency with the
DVM and up to over 100 MHz with the AIM. I use it mainly for quickly
checking component values of resistors, inductors, capacitors and diodes.

The fixture accommodates three types of component leads, axial (Grayhill
clips), radial (DIP and header socket strips) and SMT (SMT pad and spring
clip). All three work well. Also added some binding posts, but don't
normally use them. The red momentary push button switch is used when
nulling out the lead resistance for resistance measurements.

The Grayhill clips are awesome. Several styles are readily available from
Allied with reasonable shipping and extremely fast delivery. The ones I
used were Grayhill PN 02-0. They have a model 02-1 that has a banana plug
attached to the clip so that you can directly plug it into a DVM test lead
socket if you want to eliminate building a fixture. I used a small Hammond
plastic box for the body of the fixture.

73 Craig AC0DS
5851 2011-02-18 04:13:34 ae5ew Re: Grayhill clips
Do you have a better part number?
Charles AE5EW

5852 2011-02-18 07:16:46 Craig D. Smith Re: Grayhill clips
Good Morning Charles .

The Grayhill PNs in my post are correct. The Allied stock #s are 948-1000
for the 02-1 and 948-7397 for the 02-0. The Grayhill website
(www.grayhill.com <http://www.grayhill.com/> ) will also show other stocking
distributors. Look under the "accessories" section.

Grayhill has a very good pdf datasheet for the entire series of test clips.
Unfortunately, I couldn't get it to link this morning. You will probably
want to look at this before you make your final selections, so I suggest
trying their website later.

73 Craig AC0DS

Craig D. Smith

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5853 2011-02-18 10:39:06 ae5ew Re: Grayhill clips
Odd, I had to do a search on 'test clip'. I DL the datasheet. The ultra miniature looks like a good candidate for RF tests.
Charles AE5EW

5858 2011-02-19 07:12:40 ae5ew Re: Grayhill clips