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5838 2011-02-15 02:15:39 iapizloj Seco 500 crystalignmeter

on my unending search for a crystal tester, I read many years ago that this one was able to test all kind of xtals.

My search was fruitful and a kind soul sent me the schematics. It is now placed on the Files section under this very subject. There is a 2N1225 oscillator for the xtal, and an AF oscillator for modulating purposes. A 1 mA meter servers as an indicator.

What is really puzzling in the schematics is the wiring of the sliding switch, which has 4 positions:
A. Untuned oscillator. Good for 1-20 MHz xtal testing.
OFF (Oscillator OFF, but meter is available for voltage or current tests, as well as for field strenght meter)
C. Tone modulated output.
D. Unmodulated RF out.
C and D are used for Third overtone transmitting xtals (for CB).

I guess I would have to be thirty years older in order to understand such kind of schematics. If someone knows better, please give me a hand, as I would like to replicate the circuit.

Be well
jon, ea2sn