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5749 2011-01-16 08:21:38 Jason W6IEE "Hidden" wine for LTSPICE under Linux
I subscribe to the list in digest, so I apologize if this has been
discussed ad nauseum, but:

Linux/unix has been a part of my life for WAY too long. ;)

.wine is a "dot" directory, and therefore "hidden." But not really.

In a terminal window in your home directory, if you do a "ls" command,
or the "ls -l" (long listing) command (its like the old MSDOS "dir"
command) you wont see .wine.

But, if you do a "ls -la", (long, all) you will see all sorts of dot

Ok, thats one way.

In my Ubuntu box of recent vintage, when you bring up the File
Browser, under the "View" menu there is a check box which says "Show
Hidden Files." Now .wine will show up.

So, how to make firing up LTSPICE easier?

I made a script to launch the windows explorer which launches wine and
takes me through to wine's internal "quasi-windows filesystem."

wine /home/Your_home_directory/.wine/drive_c/windows/explorer.exe c:

Save that into a file, named however you like, and make it executable:

sudo chmod 777 whatever_you_named_it.

If you run that, you'll get what wine purports to be the windows
explorer. Click into the Program files on the left pane, then LTC,
then LtspiceIV, then scad3.exe and you are up and running!

Now, I wanted to use wine for other things, so I didn't make it jump
right into LTSpice. if you did, the script would be:

wine /home/your_home_directory/.wine/drive_c/'Program

Thanks to everyone on this list, I'm glad I could finally contribute
something hopefully useful!

Jason W6IEE

(Formerly KF6PQT)
AMI #1625 SKCC #3768 GQRP #12446
5750 2011-01-16 16:42:37 kb1gmx Re: "Hidden" wine for LTSPICE under Linux
For Ubuntu users of 9.04 or later... may work on older but not tried.

Drill down the .wine directory to find the windows pseudo drive C:.
In that drive look in the windows subdirectory for "explorer.exe"
and copy and past to desktop.

That will automagically allow opening winders explorer and allow you
to rummage around the windows drives with a winders like directory tool.

tested and works for me.

FYI: my way is to make a link to .wine