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5468 2010-11-28 06:13:07 ke1ih Help with hybrid cascode if amp

I have built the cascode amp using the the ka7exm board. I am have some trouble shooting problems, does any one have the correct operating volatages for Q1 and Q2? I do not think the AGC circuit is working properly. I am getting only about 1 vdc one the emitter of Q1. Any help is appreciated.

TNX and 73

5470 2010-11-28 12:58:32 Robert Cerreto Re: Help with hybrid cascode if amp
Hey John,

If you can wait until later today, I will try to find my HYCAS and make those measurements for you. Do you need any others? What exactly are your symptoms.I know mine worked just fine because I am going to make it part of a home brew 6M rig. I do not remember the AGC's dynamic range but, 60Db sounds familiar to my senile mind.

BTW, I grew up in Willimantic, CT not far from you. And, I lived in Westbrook until 1985. Then, I moved out here to Amherst, OH after taking a job in Lorain, OH. I have backpacked and paddled most of New England and I sure do miss it....but, I do not miss Conn.'s taxes !!!!!! All my family is still stuck in that highly taxed and crowded land. I wanted to retire in Northern New England. But, life did not take that turn for me.

Be back to you soon.

73, Bob WA!FXT