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5353 2010-10-05 12:36:53 Henry Toroid kit for sale
Norcal had a toroid kit for sale a few years back. I never used any of them
and I would like to sell it. It consists of:

25 each T37-2, T37-6, FT37-43, FT37-61, 43 mix ferrite beads, 10 each T50-7
and 1 T130-2.

I will sell them all for $30 + $5 packaging and postage or $35 total.


Henry WA0GOZ
5354 2010-10-05 15:59:46 arie schellaars Re: Toroid kit for sale
Hi Henry,
I would be interested in obtaining these from you.
I live in Australia though so any problem with that???
Please advise on how to pay you and a ball park postage costs.