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5322 2010-10-01 20:48:35 davidpnewkirk Fun challenge: A lab partner for the "Simple, Effective CW Transmitt
Just now I happened to drill down to and through the Kanga US pages to the subpage http://www.kangaus.com/simple_cw_tx.htm . From that we can view a PDF file that contains Rick Campbell's description of and schematic for the Simple, Effective CW transmitter--a three-transistor, crystal-controlled job that ends up putting out 250 mW (at 40 meters, in the Kanga US kit).

Considering that this little design has gained considerable legs as an EE-student project, and keying in on the statement that "Testing is done in class using a #47 light bulb load and a clip lead antenna to radiate enough signal to pick up in a nearby receiver," I suggest this challenge: Once the transmitter is built and demonstrably lighting the lamp, using a full second kit of parts for the same band--including a crystal for the same frequency--and *only* those parts or a subset of them (plus the addition of a suitable audio transducer, analogous to the key in the transmitter schematic), *build* that "nearby receiver" and listen to the transmitter signal with it.

I'm sure it can be done.

Merely discussing the pros and cons and whys and wherefores of various possible approaches would start the snowball rolling.

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