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506 2007-03-05 13:28:02 Howard Weinstein FS - RF Transistors MRF-454's etc.

Thinning out the excess stock here... I have the
following RF Power Transistors available and packed
to ship.

Guaranteed new and your money back if not Happy.

email me for availability - then PayPal funds -
you'll have them before the end of the week as I will
ship late this afternoon or tomorrow!

PayPal funds to: k3hw@yahoo.com

Here we go!

Two (2) MRF-454's matched set 80 watts per device at
30 MHz. The workhorse of many solid state wideband
Amateur/HF amplifiers. Great for that amplifier to
help the QRP rig on a bad day!
$36.00 postpaid.

Five (5) MRF-586's good through UHF will handle
about one (1) watt out each. QRP.
$15.00 postpaid.

One (1) MRF-422 150 watts PEP at 30 MHz! My last
one! These sold out in minutes last time I had them!
$18.00 postpaid.

Three (3) MRF-161's not sure of specs on these...
$12.00 postpaid.

Seven (7) MRF-587's 5 watt devices good through UHF
$40.00 postpaid.

Tnx es 72
Howard K3HW

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