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4922 2010-08-24 09:37:12 g3oth SE Labs Oscilloscope EM 102
I am looking for schematics or manuals for the EM 515 or EM 530 Y amp plug-ins for the above scope, if any one on this group can help I would be very, very grateful. I have a scanned copy of the manual of the mainframe but it does not include any info on the plug-ins which had their own separate manuals.
FYI, this scope is very well constructed using custom aluminium die castings for chassis and panels, it is all solid state and can operate from both mains and an internal 12v battery and was manufactured circa 1970 in London by SE Labs (Schild Epstein Laboratories) a subsiduary of EMI. The history of this company and founders is also very interesting and a fascinating read see:
Many thanks for the bandwidth and allowing this OT post.
73 de Charles G3OTH