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4755 2010-06-05 07:29:30 Bruce Beford Update: 2n4416A JFETs F/S
I have shipped all orders for the 2N4416A transistors received to date.

I have had several queries about pricing for larger quantities of these
JFETs. Group or club buys can benefit from the larger lots. Perhaps a club
kitting project, reseller, etc.

Remember, these are NOS (New, Old Stock) Motorola 2N4416A
JFETS. These were received direct from Motorola back in '96.

The 2N4416A (by Central Semiconductor) currently sells for
over $2.00 each, even in large quantities, from Mouser (plus shipping).

Prices (in USD), include shipping to North America and Europe. Others please
inquire. PayPal preferred, checks or Mos also accepted from USA buyers.

100 pcs $90.00
250 pcs $150.00
500 pcs $250.00
1000 pcs $400.00

I am also still offering the smaller quantities, as before:

10 pcs for $15.00
20 pcs for $25.00
50 pcs for $60.00

Thanks for the bandwidth, and all the interest.
Bruce Beford, N1RX