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4740 2010-06-02 19:11:41 Robert Cerreto OOPS!!!! MRF492 Substitute
Sorry guys,

Please ignore my
last post....sorry, working on two projects at once and had a senior

 I really need a MRF492 or
suitable substitute to build a 6M 100 watt amplifier. The only one I
can find is way beyond my
retirement budget.

TNKs es 73,

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4742 2010-06-02 21:20:19 ajparent1 Re: OOPS!!!! MRF492 Substitute
Unless someone has one laying around to sell cheap RFParts is
about it for a reasonable part.

MRF492A at about $28 13.8V (officially 70W usually does 100w)
MRF140 at about $69 28V 150W

The MRF140 is a bit more power at near 150W but you will
need 28V for that. The MRF492 is a 12V device that can
deliver nominally 100W.

I presume you are building the 100w 6M brick QST design.

I have a MRF492 amp of that design and MRF140 one spawned
off that both being the QST design from years ago. I
haven't seen any transistors that are cheaper by any great
amount that can do 6M and do it acceptably (passable IMD).