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4723 2010-05-27 12:18:42 Bruce Beford Update: 2n4416A JFETs
There has been a very positive response to my posting for these transistors.
All orders received as of today have shipped. I still have plenty on-hand.

I have on hand a large quantity of NOS Motorola 2N4416A JFETS. These were
received direct from Motorola back in '96.

The 2N4416A (by Central Semiconductor) currently sells for over $2.00 each
in single quantities from Mouser (plus shipping).

I am offering these Motorola parts, including shipping for

10 pcs for $15.00
20 pcs for $25.00
50 pcs for $60.00

Substantial discounts available for larger quanties. Feel free to email for
a quote.
PayPal, check or money orders accepted.

Thanks for the bandwidth,
Bruce Beford, N1RX