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4684 2010-05-14 16:51:01 elia_2e0zhn Sweep generator general question
Hi All,

I have a couple of general questions about sawtooth sweep generators please.

A- What effect does the frequency of the sawtooth have when used in a spectrum analyzer?

B- What is a good frequency range and how is it determined?

Hope someone can educate me a bit
73's Elia, 2E0ZHN
5220 2010-09-21 15:38:22 ep_mand Re: Sweep generator general question
I don't have a formula for max speed, but in theory, total sweep time is related to ((frequency span) / (bandwidth * bandwidth)). Meaning that frequency must be "stable" under sweeping so long that the signal has time to "grow up" before going to next point. At AF, sweep time can be many seconds or even minutes for 1Hz resolution = bandwidth. Therefore, spectrum analyzers have manual or automatic sweep speed selection. If sweep is too fast, response of a typical filter is not symmetrical, but skewed (like delayed) on display.