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4640 2010-05-05 12:26:34 Joe OT/FS - 4.5 tpi 2 conductor #18
I have several hundred feet of Twistite T21781221-4.5 that is excess to
my needs.

This is 2 #18 copper wires (red/green) with heavy poly-nylon insulation
at 4.5 turns per inch.

For specs, see:

Suitable for projects requiring bi-filar wire. Not suitable for winding
on small toroids.

length price (in US $)
10' $10.00
25' $15.00
50' $24.00
75' $33.00
100' $42.00

The price includes domestic shipping of $4.95 for priority mail shipment
by the smallest USPS box. (The wire on the spool is the same diameter
as the internal dimensions of the small USPS box.) For the time being,
US orders only.

1 foot sample for a $1.00 PayPal to josephmann @ comcast.net
(Squeeze out the spaces.)

Joe, K9HDE

PS Limited quantities of Teflon tubing available for #14, #20 & #22.