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4546 2010-04-22 17:52:18 bkopski A NO PASS FILTER
Several weeks ago a Simple Tracking Generator was detailed in the K3NHI_K5IRK_STG folder in the Files section. This is to announce that a new subfolder – "NO PASS FILTER" - has been added to that.

The No Pass Filter is a recently conceived test accessory designed for use with either the Simple Tracking Generator or the earlier QST Tracking Generator. It is a simple device that allows one to easily determine the operational quality of a Spectrum Analyzer + Tracking Generator combination – something that otherwise is not easily done. The NPF is fully described and several photos are included. Anyone who has built or is considering building the popular QST SA / TG pair, or the more recently described STG, can benefit from the NPF concept and its simple construction. So far, for purposes of this post, three have been built and evaluated by different persons and these three NPFs work indistinguishably well.


Bob, K3NHI, with John, K5IRK
4547 2010-04-22 18:30:54 ajparent1 Re: A NO PASS FILTER
Here a hint and kink:

I use two of the old 50ohm terminators left over from the
days of Coax based Ethernet. Far less work and a very green
and proper repurpose.


oh, and only 343.25 days early.