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4493 2010-03-30 11:59:31 wa9cgz O.T. Tak40
Has anyone or do you know anyone that has built the TAK40
project from QST? using the 16f871
I'm trying to locate known good HEX code for the DDS60
modification.I have found code on the TAK40 group but it
won't run. the only code the will run are is for the VFO
that I'm attempting to replace.
This is not my project Im just trying to help another person out.

Thny you Joe wa9cgz
4497 2010-04-02 01:31:01 drmail377 Re: O.T. Tak40
Hi Joe, Have you looked in the TAK-40 Wiki:


Or maybe this is what you meant when you referred to the TAK-40 "Group"?

There's also the TAK-40 homepage, but no content yet:


BTW for others, the TAK-40 is a 40m CW/SSB transceiver that in its simplest form can be reproduced for around $40. From the ARRL's 2007 QRP challenge. Tak-40 was covered in the May 2008 issue of QST.

73's David