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4365 2010-02-23 16:14:46 Steve, G4GXL Buildathon 2010 - book now !
'Buildathon 2010' will run at FDIM (Four Days In May) on Thursday 13 May 2010

This year 30 people will have great fun building a CW Keyer based on
the K12 chip from K1EL Systems.
The event is being run by Pete Meier WK8S, Ed Kwik AB8DF and Ernie Anczak W8XW.

This is what Pete says on his website -

"Our expectation: Each participant will have a seat in our reserved
room with access to a soldering station. Each build station will
include a C3MI Keyer SMD Kit which include the following items ( all
of which the builder takes home): Cash Olsen Solder Paste, Wire
Solder, Dual x3/x6 Magnifying Lens, Precision Stainless Steel
Tweezers, Packet of sorted parts, Silk Screened Solder Masked C3MI
Circuit Board, C3MI Construction Manual.

We expect to have a projection screen and live camera to display video
of an elmer demonstrating each step to be performed throughout the
construction process. There will be several elmers “working the
tables” to answer question, help and encourage wherever needed."

Details and online registration are at

Only 30 places are available and they are going fast - book your place
now and pay online using Paypal

Steve, G4GXL
QRP ARCI Board Member and Webmaster - www.qrparci.org
MyAPRS Map - www.g4gxl.com/aprs
Twitter - www.twitter.com/g4gxl
Member: QRP ARCI, G-QRP, TAPR, ARRL, RSGB, BATC, UK Microwave Group

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