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4189 2010-02-04 09:12:52 Pete N6QW Simple Superhet
Just so some of us who are late comers to the EMRFD group are sure of which is which. Is the simple superhet that is being widely discussed the SC-7 which is in Chapter 12? Or is it some other design? Mention was made of the simple superhet being in Chapter 8 but that didn't seem correct. Thanks --- from those of us who are trying to keep up.

Pete N6QW
4190 2010-02-04 09:34:37 g0kla Re: Simple Superhet

I managed to start these threads I think, ironically because I'm building a direct conversion tx/rx and needed a test receiver. I couldn't make another direct conversi
4191 2010-02-04 09:43:17 ajparent1 Re: Simple Superhet
Check the files area under the two names for the schematics.

Also if you don't have tuf-3 or Tuf-1 mixers you can use homebrewed
or SBL1 or in my case I have a potload of MD109s (like SBL1).


4200 2010-02-05 02:38:01 Vaclav Peroutka Re: [emrfd] Re: Simple Superhet
Hi Chris,

I tried to search group archives but I did not find any pretty good design. Can you point us or resend the contents ?

Thank you,

> The Pretty Good Superhet and Simple Superhet are designs by Rick and are in the
> archives of this group. The SC-7 is another nice design in Chapter 12, which is
> by Wes as I remember.
4204 2010-02-05 10:05:49 g0kla Re: Simple Superhet
It's in the Files secti