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4158 2010-02-02 14:58:17 R Wall ITT Filter - myVNA matching tool.
Hi all,

I've just downloaded two files showing how the new matching tool that's now in myVNA (software) can be used to show a matching plot for the ITT Filter (910 ohm //25pF). The 2nd file shows the same ITT filter with matching circuits for use with the Pic'a'Star transceiver. The IF impedance is 560 ohm and the MR (front end mixer) impedance is 50 ohm. Nothing like having a N2PK VNA so that you KNOW that it's correct with 2.8dB insertion loss.

Of course to use myVNA you'll need a N2PK VNA. N2PK.COM

Folder name is: ITT Filter myVNA Matching Tool.


Roderick Wall, vk3yc.

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