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3988 2010-01-15 16:49:27 Paul OT - free caps
Sorry in advance for the off-topic post, but this is the nearest group that I belong to where I though there might be interest.

As part of a junk-box purchase on e-bay I ended up with 16 identical Ronken 1.5 uF 660V 60Hz caps. The part # is P81A26155H05, and the details can be seen at http://www.ictpower.com/files/product_pdfs/Series81-Film-Paper_Caps.pdf .

I believe they are typically known as "motor run" capacitors. They are metal cans 2" x 1" x 2" tall (rounded sides) and are (non-PCB) oil filled.

They have a manufacture date of 2000, and appear to be brand new.

I realize these aren't useful for the type of projects that this group focuses on, but there is a chace you might need these for some other purpose or know somebody who does.

I'll pitch them in a few weeks if there is no interest.

They can be had (all 16 please) for the actual cost of shipping, or free for local pickup (Kansas City area).

Paul Rose - K0EET
3997 2010-01-16 11:05:18 Paul Re: OT - free caps
The koeet@arrl.net was a typo, should be k0eet@arrl.net, but even that isn't working at the moment (or is unusually slow).

Use paul.d.rose@gmail.com