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3984 2010-01-15 05:17:08 topossibilities FS: Lots of parts and semi-kits
After years of designing and building projects, I'm still continuing to
unwind a ton of items surplus to my current interests. Note: All parts
unused (NOS), long leads etc..

Includes over 250 of commonly used components and a great way to start
or restock your junk box bundle (plus save on shipping, minimum order).

Item # 1: Parts Bundle

Transistors and FETs.....includes (4) 2N4416A, (3) MPF102, (2) 2N5486,
(2) 2N5484, (1) 2N3819, (1) U310, (1) 2N3866, (1) 2N5109, (1) MJE700,
(1) 2N5179, (7) 2N4264, (2) 2N4403, (3) 2N2222A, (3) 2N3904, (3) 2N3906,
(10) 2N4123 or 2N4125, (1)2N4919, (1) MPSA18, (1) 2N5210.

Op Amps and linear ICs....includes (1) NE5534, (1) NE5532, (2) MC1458,
(1) TL074CN, (2) LM386, (2) MC1350, (1) UA723 precision voltage
regulator (used in Astron PS).

Diodes.....includes (10) 1N4004, (5) 1N4007, (25) 1N4148

Zeners....assortment of (20) zener diodes from 5V to 20V

Molded chokes....assortment of (25) molded chokes from 1uH to 1000uH

Ferrite Materials.....nice assortment of (25) small and medium
binocular cores, small and medium beads on wire, and toroid cores

Matching Transformer....(4) Mini Circuits MCL T2.5-6 transformers

Powered Iron Cores....(8) 1/2" toroid cores (mostly type 6)

IF Filters.....(2) Murata 10.7 MHz ceramic filters

Monolithic Ceramic capacitors...nice assortment of (50) from .001uF to

Dipped Tantalum Capacitors......nice assortment of (10) from 2.2uF to 22uF

Electrolytic Capacitors.....nice assortment of (15) 10uF to 220uF

PCB mount Trimmer Pots.....includes (12) assorted values

Miscellaneous...includes (8 ) 5/8" dia X 1/4: screw mount rubber feet,
(25) solder lugs

Price: $39.95, includes shipping in flat rate USPS Priority mail box.

Note: No additional shipping for items 2 through 9 below with purchase
of above bundle.

Item # 2: 10 turn potentiometers and dials

10 turn potentiometer (5K, 20K and 50K ohms available).

Price: $5 each + shipping

10 turn round dials

Price: $5 each + shipping

Item # 3: Smart battery charger chip and/or semi-kit

UC3906 'Smart' chip for charging lead acid (or gel cell) batteries.



Was a ARRL Handbook project for many years (e.g. 1994 Handbook, pages
27-16 to 27-18).


UC3906 IC only, $4 + shipping

Semi-kit $12, + shipping

Semi-kit includes all parts for ARRL charger project, except transformer, line
cord and enclosure.

Item # 4: Hybrid wideband RF amplifiers

(3) Motorola MWA220 wideband hybrid amplifiers (10 dB gain, 50 ohm
in/out, fully cascadable for added gain, from DC - 600Mhz, 3 lead TO type).

Price: $5 + shipping

Item # 5:

(3) Harris HA5195 wideband op-amp (150Mhz gain bandwidth product, 14 pin

Price: $3 + shipping

Item # 6: Function generator chip

Exar XR-2206 function generator chip (e.g. generates square, triangle
and sine waves). Lots of projects used this IC to build a simple
generators (w/ and w/o sweep).

Price: $4 + shipping

Item # 7: Programmable filter chips

S3528 programmable LP filter and/or S3529 programmable HP filter chips.

Used in QST projects, commercial gear (e.g. Index Labs QRP+, Alltronics
etc.) and are nearly impossible to get.

Price: $5 each + shipping

Item # 8: HC6 crystals

HC6 type crystals (e.g. 38.4 KHz, 16.0 KHz, 230.4 Khz, 153.6 HHz, 192.0

Price: $2 each + shipping

HC6 type crystals (e.g. 10 KHz, 20.6 KHz, 250.0 KHz, 500KHz, 5.25 MHz).

Price: $4 each + shipping

As available, will provide binary and/or counter chips (TTL or CMOS) at
no charge.

Item # 9: RF power transistors

NTE 346, 1W out @ 175MHz NPN RF driver transistor


Price: $2 + shipping

NTE 302, 1-2 W out @30MHz NPN RF power transistor


Price: $3.00 + shipping

NTE 235, 5W out @ 30MHz NPN RF power transistor


Price: $6 + shipping

Item # 10 L Network Antenna tuner Semi-kit

Includes Hammarlund air variable (250 pF per section, 3" D x 1 3/4" W x
1" 1/8" H (plates meshed) w/ 1/4" dia. x 1/2" L shaft, 11 position
ceramic rotary switch (1 1/2" round x 7/8" D with 1/4" dia. x 3/8" L
shaft, Amidon T200-2 toroid core, 5' #12 magnetic wire. This tuner
should be able to handle 100W.

Price $19 + shipping.

Item # 11: Air Variable Trimmer Capacitor Bundle

(20) pieces (see below link for examples). Values to 25pF.


Bundle price (25) pieces $20 + shipping.

Item # 12: Digital IC Bundle

Over 200 ICs, mostly 74LSXX or 74SXX series.

Includes NAND, NOR, D and JK flip flops, Schmitt triggers, BCD counters,
binary counters, up/down counters w/ presets, decade counters, LED
display latch etc..

Bundle price is $15 + shipping.

Ed, W1AAZ,

w1aaz at verizon.net

Lots of additional components, kits at: