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3907 2009-12-23 05:04:55 Robert Cerreto Fw: [emrfd] Method of Science - A Wiki entry
Wes et al,
Farhan has hit the nail on the head Wes. Their are many of us who feel the same way but, have not been as open and elequent as Farhan.
I remember shaking your hand at Dayton some years ago. I was asking you to sign a young experimeter's book. He had just won the homebrewer's contest at FDIM. He could not be at FDIM so I handled his entry for him. When I returned his project and your note to him, he was estatic. That gesture encouraged him to do even more experimenting. He has even developed a kit with his new found passion. So, you see Wes how some words and works from you affect many of us. It is a very FB personal attribute to be humble. But, beyond that it is ok that you share more of Wes along with his works.
Do not worry about the fame. We will not build statues of you in the parks of america. It would only give the pigeons another place to roost. We are/will be at our lab benches reading your stuff and melting solder with your encouragement and sharing.
73, Bob WA!FXT