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3885 2009-12-20 17:28:32 Ross Tucker emrfd Regenerative Receiver (chapter 1.6)
Dear all-
I am putting together the regenerative receiver mentioned in the first
chapter. I am using 6V for the power supply (4x AAA) and am wondering
if I ought to change any of the values in the Q4 circuit to adapt
better to this voltage? I actually started out with N1TEV's (Charlie
Kitchin) Junk Box Special from the 1998 QEX article, but decided to
use the emrfd detector and input filter because I prefer the use of

Any suggestions?

Best regards,

Ross Tucker, NS7F
3886 2009-12-20 20:53:56 Tayloe Dan-P26412 Re: emrfd Regenerative Receiver (chapter 1.6)
You could deadbug the version from QrpKits that is based on Charlie's
design. It have a paper template to help wind the coil on a section of
PCB tubing.


- Dan, N7VE