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3826 2009-11-27 10:05:04 w4zcb Re: Off Topic: Re: Ancient FT-243 Xtal Circuits?
I think you meant to 'lower' the frequency. But if you find any mercurochrome in your medicine cabinet, treat it like gold and treat it with respect. Because of its toxic mercury content, it is no longer widely available in the US. Here's an interesting discussion on how the FDA effectively banned its sale:


I'm a physician and the last time I ever used it was about ten years ago as a skin prep for a procedure on a patient who was highly allergic to iodine (as found in Betadine, a very effective germicide)

David KE1LY

Yup David, our friendly government protecting us from ourselves again. I have the same trouble obtaining Terpinhydrate and codeine. I grew up, as did my children with the stuff. It tasted so terrible that your cough didn't DARE return. So, the guvmint in their infinite wisdom (and after rceiving monies to do so I'm sure from the Robitussins of the country), declared it ineffective. It was always more effective than anything else I've ever been able to find, and a 2 Oz bottle which you had to sign for usually lasted at least one cough season and often two. The old follow the money solution.

Lead is bad news. I grew up in Chicago where the water pipes from the main on the street to the faucet in the house was made of lead. I may not be the brightest light in the harbor, but I DID growup. I would really prefer to be governed by folks that at least know the difference between resolution of a measurement and the accuracy of it.


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