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3557 2009-09-22 12:15:11 Dino Papas Re: Noise Generator Diodes
Guys -- I was just notified that Noisecom has approved waiving the
$250 minimum order and will sell the NC302L noise diodes in small
quantities to hams. Just placed an order for a couple; they are $28
a piece.

You can order from Noisecom by calling:

978-386-9696 and then choose "1" and "1" at the two prompts to get to
Carolyn in the sales department. Let her know you're a ham and
she'll be glad to help. They take credit cards.

I'm not sure if the calibration offer is still available but
hopefully the offer made a couple of years ago is still valid.

Anyway, nice people to work with....tell them you appreciate them
making an exception for us....goodwill always goes a long way!

73 -- Dino KL0S
3558 2009-09-22 12:18:34 Dino Papas Re: Noise Generator Diodes (corrected phone number)
Sorry about that guys....wrong number, fat fingered that
one.....here's Noisecom's correct number:

(973) 386-9696

Dino KL0S

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