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3372 2009-07-30 08:37:45 Steve RF bridge and VNA
I saw a posting on another reflector a bit ago regarding a GR-1606 RF
Bridge. I have an N2PK VNA.

What is the difference in functionality between the RF bridge and VNA?
What does one do that the other does not? Is it useful to have both?


Steve K8JQ

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3373 2009-07-30 08:51:41 Artie A Re: RF bridge and VNA
Hi Steve,

I am not an engineer, and I only do the kits for various projects, one of
which is Ivan's VNA.

However,m I think I can answer your question.

The VNA is a type of bridge, so the function of each is similar. However,
the VNA collects and directly quantifies the phase shift of the current
relative to the ac voltage and outputs the data in degrees. Hence, the 'V'
in VNA stands for 'vector'. An rf bridge quantifies how reactive the load is
(like an SWR meter), where as a VNA reads the relative phase difference (in

I think members of the N2PK mailing list can give you a better answer, my
answer might not be totally correct.

Wish I could give you a better answer.



3374 2009-07-30 09:30:46 joop_l Re: RF bridge and VNA