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3153 2009-06-06 14:47:05 david gauding Re: Inductors components of dipole elements questions
HI Stan,

FWIW - the Shorty Forty was a creation of W0SVM, Jack Sobel. He lived about 1/2 mile from me in what is now Chesterfield and I visited his place many times in the early 80's There were restrictions in his subdivision and he never erected that antenna outside (or any antenna) to the best of my knowledge.

Jack had a long basement and the antenna was installed there in a straight line for testing. It was published in a Hints & Kinks column in QST but I no longer have the reference.

I don't know if Jack is living to be perfectly honest. He would be 80's by now. He is no longer in the QRZ database so that probably answers the question.

He swiped an even dozen Lionel J-38's when leaving his ship to be released from active duty after WWII. He gave me one of them and I still have it around here somewhere. Unfortunately, I trashed the box as the collectors really like having them.

Any progress on your bike rim loop? I've been puttering with it working a contact here and there at one watt output. But, as a convenient way to get on the air in a few minutes it's quite something.