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2996 2009-05-08 12:51:39 Steve, G4GXL OT: FDIM 2009 - Online Registration Closing Soon
QRP ARCI "Four Days In May" at Dayton, OH

Registration was closing tonight but we're holding it open for another
24 hours (until 2100z tomorrow - Sat 9th May)
We have had 7 bookings yesterday and another 7 so far today.
More than 250 have pre-registered, an all-time record and in a recession too !

Details of the event are at www.fdim.qrparci.org
Lectures include Softrocks, Sustainable Low Power Radio, Class E Amps . . .

You do not have to be a QRP ARCI member to attend

In the last few days we have had some great donations for prizes -

Pacific Antenna have sent us a PAC-12 portable HF Vertical

Vern at SuperAntennas has donated his latest $400 HF Portable 3 ele Yagi

And Bill at KangaUS is giving us the just released KK7B kits -
converters for 2m and 6m, signal sources for 2m and 6m and a MicroR2

There are lots of other prizes - a FlexRadio SDR, M3 Electronix Test
Equipment, two Begali keys . . .

You can register at the door if you really can't do it online.

Steve, G4GXL
QRP at Dayton - Four Days In May 2009 www.fdim.qrparci.org
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MyAPRS Map - www.g4gxl.com/aprs
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