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2983 2009-05-05 17:11:42 Glen L. attenuators using 33 ohm resistor networks
Ever tried to find appropriate resistors to build a 50 ohm attenuator?
My junkbox isn't usually extensive enough. With just ONE resistor value, you can make fairly decent attenuators (for 50 ohm system). Not for EXACTLY the attenuation you'd like. but still a fairly comprehensive range from -3dB to -23dB.
Many computer motherboards use 33 ohm resistors to help terminate longer data or address lines. They use many surface-mount networks of four independent resistors for this purpose. Or buy these networks from DigiKey for about one cent each (YAGEO TC164 or YC164).
Have added a PDF describing both "T" and "PI" attenuators using these 33 ohm networks, on the yahoo "FILES" section.