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2980 2009-05-03 18:33:33 Bill Kelsey - N8E... Kanga US at Dayton - new products and book special
Hi -

Kanga US will be at Dayton again this year. Unlike last year (after the
flood), I will have several new kits. KK7B has been churning out new
designs for 6 an 2 meter gear, and AA0ZZ has come up with a new PIC
Trainer with a USB interface. I just posted details about all of them
on a completely overhauled web site at:


Prices are not posted yet - I still have to go thru my spread sheets to
figure final costs, but as KK7B says, the price of the 2 or 6 meter CW
source will be about the same as the minimum order price for crystals
from a crystal supplier.

If you have been looking for something for 6 or 2; or any band from 40 -
10 meters for that matter, I will have kits at Dayton.

In addition to the new kits mentioned above, KK7B is giving a talk at
FDIM on "Sustainable Low Power Radio", and will be presenting details
about several simple basic rigs in the paper. I will have a stock of
"Kitlets" (parts only with schematic) for some of the units he presents
in the paper.

If you are going to attend FDIM, I will have my stock of ARRL (and
other) books there, so if you need books, don't get them at the hamfest
and haul them around all day - get them from me at FDIM and take them
right back to your room. If you know what you want in the way of ARRL
books, and let me know via e-mail before Tuesday evening this week, I
will sell them to you with a 10% discount, and I will cover the tax. If
you can't make Dayton, place an order by Tuesday evening and I will give
you a 10% discount and cover the shipping on US order. DXs order will
be lass 10% and shipping at cost. I need the order by this Tuesday
evening so I can order any books you need that I might not have in stock
and get them here in time to be at FDIM.

I will have kits from CW Touch Keyers along with TiCK keyers. I will
also have a stock of AADE L/C meters. Other standard Kanga US kits
include the microR2 (40m), MicroT2 (40m), and Universal QRP Transmitter
MKII (any band 10 - 80 meters, 5W, CW). I will not have the R2Pro,
BIQR, miniR2, UVFO, or the Spectrum Analyzer. They will come later this

For those of you that ordered the miniCircuits mixers, I have received
them from miniCircuits - I just have not had time to ship them (packing
five brand new kits takes a bit of time!). I will try to get that done
prior to FDIM.

Hope to see a lot of you at Dayton again this year. Now it's back to
work - I still have kits to pack!

73 - Bill - N8ET
Kanga US

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