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2948 2009-04-22 13:19:40 Jim Stafford Four Days In May (FDIM)
Since you like tinkering, then you must enjoy low power operation
and Four Days In May (in its 14th year) is sure to interest you.

It adds a 4th day to the Dayton Hamvention filled with
6 outstanding speakers all related to QRP including Rick
Campbell, KK7B, on Sustainable Low Power Radio and
Ed Hare, W1RFI, on Test Equipment and Methods. QRP is
all about FUN - tinkering, building gadgets, making simple
antennas for outdoor operating, and getting the most from
the least. Then Thursday and Friday night, there's the
biggest bull session at Dayton with "meet the authors",
QRP Vendor Row, Radio Show and Tell, and the
Building Contest entries all on display. It's all over at
the Holiday Inn, Fairburn, OH about 10 miles
from the Hamvention. Come join us!

It's all right here on the web at: fdim.qrparci.org

The Thursday seminar and the banquet on Saturday
are paid events so go ahead and register online
but the other nights are FREE. Don't miss this one.

Join over 200 of your QRP friends this year at FDIM2009.
Did you know that there are several hams each year that
attend all the FDIM events and do not even go to the
Hamvention? That's how much they enjoy FDIM.


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