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2884 2009-04-08 04:01:33 Vaclav Peroutka HF PA finals - tradeoffs
Dear EMRFD group,

I plan to build HF PA around 50W with IRF510s. I need to acommodate it for ferrites I found at home. My intention is to start from WA2EBY design but I found several final circuit topologies - the picture is attached.

I must say that from low frequency view all A, B and C topologies are equivalent. All transformers used are ferrites, normally from Amidon 43 material. Thus, A has only one toroid core, B has two toroid cores and C has three toroid cores. But I can not recognize, what circuit is better from HF wide-band view.

I am sure that there are several experienced people here. Can somebody explain to me the tradeoffs of each topology ?

Thank you in advance,

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