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2871 2009-04-05 17:22:18 Jason Milldrum LADPAC installation trouble
Hello guys,

Has anyone else encountered problems installing LADPAC from the new
Revised 1st Edition CD? On both of my Windows machines, I get the
following error:

Unable to install to C:\Program Files\ARRL\LADPAC 2002\Ladpac2002.txt

Of course, It's never going to find it since the file is now called
Ladpac2008.txt. The installer also still says "LADPAC2002", which
indicates that they probably just copied the old installer over
without checking to see if it would actually work with the new files.

There seems to be no way to work around this other than manually
copying the files. Not a huge deal, but I would have hoped that little
bugs like this (and the messed up formatting in Ch. 1) would have been
worked out since this is a *revised* edition. I don't mean this as a
dig against the authors at all; I know they had nothing to do with
this. It's the ARRL that I'm unhappy with. I shelled out the money
mainly so I could get a new CD, although it was also so I could get a
backup since my original copy of EMRFD is nearly falling apart. I feel
like I didn't get my money's worth with this purchase. Sorry to vent
on you guys, and as I said, no animosity at all towards the authors,
just the publishers. Guess I should contact the League and see what

Jason Milldrum, NT7S
NT7S Blog - <http://www.nt7s.com/blog>