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2861 2009-04-03 23:48:06 chuck adams EMRFD Revised First Editon
I hate this job, I really do.

Yesterday I drove two hours to Phoenix to give a talk to the
Central Arizona DX Association. I stopped at HRO on Dunlap
to buy a copy of EMRFD, the new revised edition.

I just opened it an hour ago and I am sorry to say I am disappointed.

Jan Carman, K5MA
Steve Ford, WB8IMY
Dana Reed, W1LC
Jim Talens, N3JT
Larry Wolfgang, WR1B

Kathy Ford
Jayne Pratt Lovelace
Larry Joy, WN8P

Someone didn't do their job and/or the printer screwed up royally.
Let me give some examples in just the first few pages of the first

C is column, L is line number for brevity

p1.2,C3,L1 of 1.2 section
Missing bold paragraph header "BREADBOARDED CIRCUITS"
and start of sentence italized Breadboarded.

UGLY should be followed by CONSTRUCTION for paragraph bold
headlines. Second line is missing QST (the blank area).

p.1.3, C1 and C2

Bold headers missing: MANHATTAN BREADBOARDING in C1

p1.4, C1 Missing "Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur
in italics.
in C2, about half-way down missing "appliance" also in italics

p1.5, C3 four lines up from the end of the page a blank
space where "learn by doing" should be in italics.


I'll stop right here.

It looks like bold type and italic information is missing in many many
places, which makes the book almost impossible to read if you do
not have the original version. It looks like a recall situation by the

I spent $49.95 for a new version that does not, at this time, look
like it is going to do me any good. Can I take it back to HRO and
get a refund? I'm going to Phoenix tomorrow and ask and see
what happens.

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, both to the authors and
this group. I might just be my copy. Something happened to
ruin the printing process.



chuck adams
2862 2009-04-04 01:01:42 ha5rxz Re: EMRFD Revised First Editon
I have not seen the revised editi