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2714 2009-02-20 13:53:02 Chris Bryant Scotty spectrum analyser group buy
Hi everyone,

I trust you will permit me this short "informational notice".

After some years of generally pining for some instrumentation a level
above a generator/scope, and some half-hearted attempts to make an
analogue analyser, I found out about the Scotty Spectrum analyser from
a post on the UK microwave group forum.

The Scotty spectrum analyser is derived from a W7ZOI design and could
also be seen as a follow-on from the one in ch 7 of EMRFD. It's a 0 -
1GHz analyser with optional tracking generator and vector network
analyser. It's based on a collection of modules and uses a PC for the
computational heavy lifting, so the build price is very reasonable.
See details here:


It's just what I've been looking for and I've put my name down on the
website of Cash, KD5SSJ, who is arranging another group buy at
http://www.kd5ssj.com 25 signees are required to kick start the group
buy so anyone else interested?

Chris g3wie


Extracts from original post:

SSA Builders,

I am pleased to announce the group buy for Mini-Circuits [components
of the SSA].

I will have a PayPal button posted on my new website www.kd5ssj.com
.... and the group buy will be open for 14 days or until 25 buyers
have signed up.

Boards are to be announced soon and a Group Buy for the Discrete Parts
will be announced very soon.

2720 2009-02-20 17:34:34 Derward Myrick Re: Scotty spectrum analyser group buy

You might like to look at this. http://lea.hamradio.si/~s53mv/spectana/vco.

Derward Myrick KD5WWI

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2723 2009-02-21 09:58:14 Chris Bryant Re: Scotty spectrum analyser group buy
Thanks for the link, Derward, that's very interesting

I should have known that Matjaz Vidmar would have done something in
this area, the man seems to have an unlimited store of innovation and
energy! I'm currently building up a version of his 10GHz zero-if
transceiver - a friend gave me a set of pcbs and I'm adapting it for
use with a GPS-locked, DDS-based synthesiser as well as a PC for the
I/Q processing.

Chris g3wie

btw I see that Cash KD5SSJ has posted