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2658 2009-01-30 01:56:37 Dave - WB6DHW UHFSDR Hittite replacements
Art had problems dealing with Hittite and I found when I ordered
online that I had to order at least 10, plus delivery was slow. So, I
believe I have found replacements for the 3 Hittite parts that are on
the UHFSDR board. Both parts are available from DigiKey. The HMC544
can be replaced by the TriQuint CSH210R. It will only handle a max of
26dBm vs 39 dBm for the HMC544. However, the board only puts out 20
dBm. The footprint is a SC70-6, which is a little smaller than the
SOT26 the HMC544 uses. It is only a minor change to the board to allow
use of either. The HMC482 can be replaced by the Freescale MMG3H21NT1,
also available from DigiKey. It has a little lower max output(19.5 dBm
vs 22 dBm). The footprint is identical, so no change required to the

Dave - WB6DHW