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2555 2008-12-30 21:37:58 Roger Hayward Moderation and delayed posts

We had a thread of discussion today which kept getting flagged as
spam, "requiring moderation" by the rules of yahoo! . This may have
been the source of confusion experienced by all today. I believe the
trip point in the message was the URL listed early in the text. Who
knows though.

I have everyone's postings set to "post immediately," in order to
encourage free thought. A few members messages still require my
moderation, which defies logic. I've contacted yahoo about this, but
they haven't responded. So I try my best to check the group at least
once a day and approve messages (and new members) in a timely manner.

Let's remember that yahoo! provides this as a free service. So we're
getting what we're paying for, hi.

(This message contains no instructions, no "in the future, do this,"
etc. Just an FYI).

Keep up the great discussions on the group and happy experimenting.

Roger KA7EXM (EMRFD yahoo! group moderator)