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2491 2008-12-11 21:10:57 Bill - N8ET Kanga US update and Christmas special offer
Hi -

I am finally back from caring for aging parents this fall (they are all ok).
I had hoped to spend the time this fall getting Kanga going again, but I got
a bit sidetracked. Now that I am back I intend to make some progress.

Before I knew I was going to be away I ordered a large number of ARRL books
which I now have in stock. I have listed them on my web site
(www.kangaus.com) To help move some of the books, I am doing a Christmas
Special offer. Take 10% off and I will pay the shipping for US orders
(overseas shipping at cost - contact me via e-mail for a quote). If there
is an ARRL book you want that you do not see on my web page, contact me ASAP
and I will include it in the 10% & free shipping offer. The offer ends Dec.
19 so I will have time to get them shipped to you before Christmas. Ordering
info is on the web page.

I have completely re-done (today Dec. 11) my web page. Kits that are
currently available are on the site. As more kits become available I will
add them to the web site. Currently available kits include the TiCK Keyers,
CW Touch paddles and keyers, DK9SQ masts and antennas, the PICEL II, and the
kit of parts to go with the ARRL Book "Hands on Radio". I also have a stock
of HC-49u QRP frequency crystals

I have most of the parts packed for a run of W7ZOI's Universal QRP TX MKII,
so they should be available around Christmas.

Material for the new workbench is here, and I have most of the test
equipment to go on the new bench when it is completed.

When the bench is completed, I will be working on stocking kits. The
microR2 and microT2 kits are at the top of that list. When they are ready
to go, I will start on the R2Pro receiver and W7ZOI's Spectrum Analyzer.
The other kits will follow. There will be other kits to go with the microR2
and microT2 by the time Dayton rolls around.

Also - in the next month or so, I will clean up some of the PC boards, etc,
that were submerged and put them on the web site as flood sale items. I am
not sure what I will find in the pile, so watch the web site.

This note will appear on several lists I subscribe too - my apologies if you
get it more than once!

73 - Bill - N8ET
Kanga US