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2457 2008-11-29 08:11:59 Paul Thanks for HR article !
Hi All,
Big thank you to all who reacted; KL0S, MI5MTC, K4OAH, WB0SMX, WB6DHE,
PA3ALG, Farhan, KD5YYK, W4UXJ. Have the article now...in 6 different
resolutions... hi
Will report how constuction works out.
Thanks folks,
73 de Paul - ON4BXZ
2461 2008-11-29 18:06:40 Bill Wright Re: Thanks for HR article !
Would you share the HR document with the rest of us please?
tnx 73 Bill

2464 2008-11-30 17:49:13 Paul VDP Re: Thanks for HR article !
Bill & all,

Just put a copy in the files secti
2473 2008-12-08 16:38:23 Ashhar Farhan Re: Thanks for HR article !
let's be a little careful sharing published works.
while I personally support and develop free-to-copy designs, many
organizations like the ARRL depend primarily on copyright revenues to
fund themselves.
it might be wiser to ask permission of the copyright holder before
sharing interesting articles on public folders.
providing each other copies of a few pages probably falls under fair
use, but hosting might not.
hans too ran into problems with his excellent collection of HnP literature.
- farhan

On 11/30/08, Paul VDP <on4bxz@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Bill & all,
> Just put a copy in the files secti
2479 2008-12-09 08:19:07 Paul VDP Re: Thanks for HR article !
Farhan (et all),
Thanks for your remarks. You are right, of course... I didn't think of it that...
In order not to compromise Yahoo and/or the group I just deleted the file in the files-folder.
HR article, jan.1990 - Near linear tuning with dual eccentric pulleys.
Anybody interested in a copy of this article just let me know and I'll send it directly.
73, Paul - on4bxz