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2430 2008-11-19 22:40:35 lownslow1601 ID Codes on SMT Components
I took advantage of the generous offer of Bob KE6F for SMT components
in exchange for an SASE. Thank you, Bob! I need to learn how one can
identify the various components. For example, I found some 16 pin
devices marked 2333, 12, and then 9932 at right angles to the first
two markings. I assume that one of these groups, perhaps the last
one, is a date code. I have tried Google with no luck. One of my
neighbors works for a company that makes digitally-controlled lighting
and he has been bringing me discarded PCBs that are loaded with SMT
components and most of them have similar markings. Is there a source
for information that would help me to identify some of these devices?

Thanks and 73, Dave K1YHR.
2431 2008-11-20 00:56:11 kerrypwr Re: ID Codes on SMT Components
Google "smd codes"; you will find a lot of information including The
SMD Codebook.