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2345 2008-11-01 16:50:38 Roger Hayward Hybrid Cascode Amplifier Re-Kitting

Just a quick note to the group.

If you haven't noticed, check out the summary page for the group. You
will note that postings have been on the rise in the past few months.
Perhaps this is because of the economic uncertainty we are
in....everybody is turning to their junk drawers rather than buying
new rigs. Who knows. Keep up the experimenting, and the excellent

In light of this trend, I decided it is time to run another batch of
the WA7MLH / W7ZOI Hybrid Cascode Amplifier "Kitlet." I'm taking
pre-orders now. Please see ka7exm.net for details, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a note
directly. ka7exm@gmail.com .

73 and Keep Experimenting!
Roger KA7EXM